How to spend your day

ERES Paris

Unlimited possibilities. Nice, but sometimes confusing too. The districts are full of possibilities and experiences that we would all like to experience immediately, but unfortunately, everything at once doesn't work either. That's why you need tips and hints here and there so that you don't see the Alster (or something like that) for all the possibilities. In order to save you from this and to help you experience the perfect day possible in the districts, we have put together a few tips for you about things that you should not miss. Have fun with it!

1. Shoppen am Neuen Wall

Summer is here and with it the hot time of the year - climatic and fashionable. But that also means that the gray and long spring clothes go into the closet and have to get new ones. You can find a lot of new clothes in the neighborhood, but not always something for female and male shoppers alike. That is why we recommend the gentlemen of creation who are often lazy about shopping to visit Shaping New Tomorrow, while the ladies have the latest swimwear by ERES .

2. Take a break – in the Stadthöfe

After you've mastered the first round of summer shopping (hopefully successfully), you obviously need a short break, because we all know that shopping is fun, but can also be exhausting (especially in summer).

So grab your loot and make your way to the Stadthöfe. Waiting there with you Kimschi Guys a delicious and cool refreshment and at ExtraWurst a hearty reinforcement for you!

3. Stroll in the Stadthöfe

If you have ever been to the Stadthöfe, you should definitely not miss the suburb boutiques, because the shielded and quiet character of the Stadthöfe makes them look like another world in the middle of the city center - relaxed, calming and perfect for strolling! At Qlocktwo you will find watches that you have certainly not seen before, but would certainly like to call your own. They are square and show you the time in words - some say "funny", we say "cool!".

But of course at some point you have to start thinking about planning the evening, because even the best day of shopping only has 24 hours. The Tortue offers you plenty of opportunities to end the day perfectly with 2 restaurants and 4 bars or you can buy one of the exclusive wines from Delinat and just enjoy your loot of the day at home on the sofa. You are spoiled for choice.


Already knew? The Stadthöfe are home to a total of 13 restaurants & bars!

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