Fine Dining & Drinking

With Weitz & Delinat

Weitz, Neuer Wall 26

Experience summer nights exclusively.

The warm evening sun on your face and a fine glass of wine in your hand, we'll show you what extraordinary enjoyment looks like. An ideal wine glass requires craftsmanship and a high glassblower quality. Only then will the complexity and sophistication of the most diverse wines be emphasized.

You can get very special specimens from Weitz on Neuer Wall 26. A large selection invites you to shop and discover.

Take a look at Delinat in the town courtyards. Große Bleichen 37 is the address if you are looking for wines of the highest quality and sustainability.

Delinat wines can also be ordered by subscription so that you are always prepared for all eventualities. Whether for guests or the elegant dinner date, with Delinat every taste can be met.

Baccarat Harcourt Weinglas at Weitz
Zalto Denk’Art Universal Weinglas at Weitz
Sepp Moser Zweigelt Rosé Ried Hedwighof

Already knew? Delinat produces all wines according to the strictest organic standards and also offers various Wine subscriptions .

Special Drink by Weitz:

Attention all Aperol lovers: Here comes a refreshing update for your long drink, the MANGO APEROL!

Ingredients for 2 glasses: 

1 ripe mango or 50ml mango juice, 100ml Aperol, 180ml Prosecco, 140ml white wine, ice cubes Preparation: Separate the mango pulp from the core - then finely puree together with the Aperol (alternatively, use ready-made mango juice).

Fill two glasses with 70ml white wine and 90ml Prosecco each. Add the mango and aperol mixture and mix. Lastly, add ice cubes and enjoy.

TORTUE cocktails to take home.

Our lovingly compiled selection of TORTUE cocktails brings you the unique world of TORTUE into your own four walls and prepares you for enjoyable moments. 

Our homemade cocktails are available in three varieties: Negroni, Le Pont and Espresso Martini.

You can find all the “how to mix” instructions here in the magazine.

Have fun trying it out and Tchin-Tchin!

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